Am I able to password protect or manage access to my confidential webcasts?

Password protect your live webcast so that only viewers with the correct password are able to play back the webcast. Perfect for confidential webcasts like digital townhalls or corporate townhalls that need to be secured from prying eyes.

We support several ways to secure your private webcasts.

Password Protection

A single password shared by all attendees. This keeps things easy administratively for most people organize the webinar or virtual webcast.

Unique Passwords for each attendee(viewer)

We are able to generate a list of unique passwords for all registered attendees. Some companies would physically mail out letters containing unique passwords to their shareholders for annual general meetings.

One time Password authentication

Viewers request a one time password be sent to their email address for authentication. Only upon receiving the OTP, clicking on the link in the email will the viewer be allowed in to view the webcast. This is the most secure method.

With individual access management, you will be able to have insight into which viewers have attended your live webcast event.

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