What do I need to take note of when choosing a venue to webcast from?

Here are some things to take note of if you have a choice of where to hold a live webcast from However we have experienced doing outdoor broadcasts and webcast from any environment(lead lined surgery operating rooms with no internet, indoors, outdoors or from a moving vehicle across state and country borders)

Audio for on location attendees

Do note that the mics provided are for online viewers. If you require sound for attendees present, a separate audio team and audio mixing system should be catered for. Do let us know if you require an audio team for on location viewers for an integrated no fuss solution.

Quiet environment.

Unless the environment is part of the story, a quiet environment is where most businesses would want to webcast their digital town-halls or earnings announcement from.

Accessibility for your speakers.

If your speakers/presenters are flying in from overseas, having an easily accessible helps ensure that they can find the place easily by taxi, arrive on time without drama or get flustered trying to navigate a maze of industrial corridors.

Internet access

Internet access with at least 15 mbit sustained upload that isn’t shared with other applications while the webcast is ongoing. However we do have our own broadcast up-link connections that will allow us to broadcast and go live from anywhere if your corporate networks need to be isolated. Our up-links are fault tolerant and are able to ensure smooth delivery despite multiple network failures. So do let us know if you require redundancy for important live streaming events.

Well lit environment

Unless you would like to have lights brought in, having a well lit environment allows your speakers to be presented in the best of light. A lighting package can be brought in if required.

Avoid locations accessible only by stairs

Webcasting takes a fair bit of equipment. If the only way to get your webcast location is by going up flights of narrow stairway, its best to give it a pass and select a more accessible location. (preferably with lifts and loading bay)

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