Lexus LS Product Launch With Bobby Tonelli Live Stream

Lexus debuts the all-new Lexus LS with a facebook live stream hosted by Bobby Tonelli at The Singapore Wine Vault with an exclusive dinner. Lexus LS chief designer Koichi Suga explains his design process with a live sketch of the new Lexus. #Lexus #ExperienceAmazing #LexusLS #WithoutPrecedent

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Live Streaming Production

Live video streaming and webcasting to any platform of your choice. Your event can go beyond the location where it’s being held. Take it to a global audience – wherever they may be, on any smart device.

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Outside Broadcast Service

Connect different locations with no lag or delay. Conduct remote interviews or link different locations with video. Full broadcast support for remote locations and events.

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Conference / Training Recording

Multi-camera conference and lecture recording. Synchronize power point slides and presentation with presenters. Instantly populate your corporate learning management system for immediate viewing.

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Event Highlights Video

Send out an after-event video with highlights reminding attendees of the activities. Share it to your social media accounts to get more reach. Watch the Keppel Desalination Plant Groundbreaking Ceremony event highlights here.

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Event Launch Video

Kickstart your event with a slick video to drum up the energy of your audiences. Include it into your live video feed or webcast for remote viewers.

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