Where does one start when organizing a virtual event?
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Where does one start when organizing a virtual event?

Running a virtual event cant be tricky with a plethora of things that can go wrong. Thankfully with careful pre planning and rehearsal, all the problems that plague problematic live virtual events can be avoided.


Getting everyone presenting to go through the steps of what needs to be presented, the order and the que to each other so the next person knows when is it their turn. Sounds simple but we have seen many presenters standing in front of a web audience looking like deer in the headlights not knowing they are on.

Ensure there is enough bandwidth.

There is nothing more frustrating for a viewer watching a virtual webinar to constantly have the live video stream pause, glitch or drop off. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, make sure the professionals organizing it for you have that sorted.

Test the audio.

Unless the event is presented in sign language, most viewers would be proficient in lip reading. At time location audio is handled by the facility who might not be familiar with the demands or stresses of a live production. Backup audio and having the crew who is handling your live streaming also managing your audio helps prevent audio technical monster from rearing its ugly head.

Setup a day before.

If your location has a complicated setup, make sure that everything is setup and tested the day before. We have encountered situations where the corporate facilities person actually took last minute leave and did not turn up during the live event. Yes the audio crew had to figure out how the facilities audio systems are patched(it was no easy task and a risk anyone should be taking)

Focus on your content

Not to worry, our experienced live production producers are available to advise and help you map out the path to a successful live virtual event. We have found that our clients who focus on their content and let us worry are the technical details are always calm, composed and able to deliver their messages in the most effective way to their viewers.