Looking for a Live Stream Service Provider?
Seamless production and setup.

Go live with minimal effort

Looking for a Live Stream Service Provider?

Live Video Streaming Service

Take your event to an audience that may not have been able to attend with a live video streaming service. Take live feedback and address viewer concerns in real time. There is a certain level of energy that live webcast is able to bring along, that pre-recorded videos are unable to replicate. Have the webcast recorded and made instantly available for any viewers who might not be in the same time zone. Nobody has to be left out, ever.

Work with an experienced team of broadcast professionals who know the exacting demands of national and regional TV commercial production. Give your webcast the polish your organization deserves.


  • Go live from any location with or without internet.
  • Built in moderated Q&A platform (no surprises).
  • Polling functionality included.
  • Include power point presentations into live video streams.
  • Include remote interviewees into your live stream.
  • Outdoor Broadcast ready.
  • Unlimited concurrent viewers.
  • Archived and available to viewers who might not tune in to live event.
  • DVR replay for viewer scroll back.
  • Viewable on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


  • Single Point of Contact for all the technical arrangements.
  • Expertise in handling webcast at receiving venue.
  • Professionally managed pre event testing.
  • Trained audio visual production teams.
  • Appropriate internet line & bandwidth speed arrangements.
  • Client saves both time & money.
  • Focus on connecting with your audience and not worry about technicalities.

Watch live streams as Video on demand