Bringing brilliant minds together.
Fit a million viewers into your operating room with live webcasts.

Medical procedure live webcasting
Single source multiple viewers

Bringing brilliant minds together.

Bring up to a million visitors into your sterile operating room and let them be a part of the process. What could you achieve if your brought all the brilliant minds in medicine from around the world into a room to interactively participate in an operation?
Now you get a chance to do it.

Work with an experienced team that has worked in some of the toughest most demanding disciplines in video production such as TV commercial and corporate film production.

2 camera recording

(Includes transportation, crew, location recce and co-ordination costs, 2 way real time communication between moderator at source and destination)


Dual channel video stream from operating room

  • 2 sets video sending equipment at operating room(source) and and 2 sets video receiving equipment at ballroom (destination).
  • Extra bandwidth for 2 channel delivery from operating room(2 video channel from operating room, 1 channel from ballroom to distribution servers)
  • Load balanced virtual private network system. Includes network setup and configuration.


Live switching/video mixing

(Includes Internet infrastructure from event to distribution servers and bandwidth to online viewers. 1X video sending equipment)


Editing option


If you require editing and post production after the event, it would probably take a day. Come sit in with our editor in the edit suite and perfect your program for distribution.


  • Live feedback from remote viewing audience to operating room
  • Engaged audience from being part of the operating process
  • Interactive engagement
  • Conduct live question and answer sessions.
  • Streamed event immediately available as a recording.
  • Online viewers can rewind, and replay a live event on their device anytime.
  • Hassle free arrangement. We will take care of all the infrastructure needs and internet arrangement.
  • Smooth streaming experience regardless of amount of views
  • Reach more viewers who might not be able to attend your event because of timing or geographic location.
  • Eliminate travelling costs incurred by attendees.
  • Track viewership and reach.


  • 2 camera in operating room HD format.
  • Stream live to the world with unlimited concurrent viewers
  • Live switching between cameras(viewers get a realtime immersive experience of the surgery as it happens)
  • 720p HD resolution streaming(See sample of our past webcast here)
  • 1080p Recorded footage available for archival or re-redits
  • Realtime audience feedback to operating room
  • Video streaming from operating room to remote ballroom
  • 2 way realtime audio communication from moderator at ballroom to operating room(included)
  • Viewable from ballroom by any laptop with web browser. (just plug your laptop to the projector)
  • Event duration 3 hours
  • Ballroom internet connectivity provided by hotel.