Facebook live streaming TV station style
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Facebook live streaming TV station style

​Thinking of using Facebook live streaming but would like your videos to look polished, produced and stand to out from the handphone live streams? Or do you want to include multi cameras and Powerpoint slide inserts?

TV station style live production is now available to help you stand out for the the other “cat videos” being live streamed on Facebook.

Why professional live stream on Facebook?

  • Take real time questions
  • Answer customer queries
  • Shareable video content live
  • Reach out to a connected young audience
  • Connect with your existing fans
  • Save time

Don’t let your large fan base on Facebook go to waste.


  • Single Point of Contact for all the technical arrangements.
  • Expertise in handling live streaming at transmission venue.
  • Professionally managed pre event testing.
  • Trained audio visual production teams.
  • Appropriate internet line & bandwidth speed arrangements.
  • Focus on connecting with your audience and not worry about technicalities
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