Live video streaming for medical conferences
Fit a million viewers into your operating room with live video streaming.

Medical Conference Live Video Streaming
Operating room to multiple viewers

Live video streaming for medical conferences

Stream live video of surgeries being conducted in the operating theater to your medical conference location in real time with 2 way, low latency conferencing. Combine endoscope and views of the operating room in your live video stream.

Live Video Streaming for Medical Conferences with endoscope view Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Video Conferencing Service Low Latency

Combine endoscope, surgeon point of view and a wide overall view to your live transmission from the operating theater to your medical conference location. Conference attendees at the medical conference will be able to ask the surgeon questions over a voice audio feed to the operating room. Think of this as a 2 ways satellite feed, except its alot more affordable and doesn’t require time consuming license application. We are able to deploy with minimal interference to your hospital operations and and we serve a global audience.

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous operations that can be transmitted. Speak to our broadcast producers about your requirement. All events are run differently and we are able to customize the setup for your event.

Watch Sample Live Stream (non medical events)

Live medical conference transmission for The Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders | SEUD Transmission from National University Hospital

At the transmission site National University Hospital Singapore, surgery conducted in operation theaters are transmitted to Suntec City Convention Center where the Medical Congress is held. This is a 2 way transmission where attendees are able to speak to the surgeon via a low latency connection that feels as responsive as a phone call and yet have broadcast television standard quality.

Live webcast to remote audiences(any smart phone or modern web browser)

Realtime Q&A for Live Video Streaming on mobile devices modern web browsers
Realtime Q&A for Live Video Streaming on mobile devices and modern web browsers

At the same time surgery can be transmitted to online viewers via the Motion Media Works live webcast platform with question and answer functionality so that millions of online viewers are able to participate in the operation and submit questions to the surgeon through a moderator.

Bring million visitors into your sterile operating room and let them be a part of the process with a live remote webcast. Our platform has been tested for one million concurrent viewers per event. Viewers will be able to watch from any smart mobile phone, laptop or desktop with a web browser. No installation of application or software needed.

Live stream to remote viewers anywhere. Landscape orientation plays video in fullscreen mode.
Live stream to remote viewers anywhere. Landscape orientation plays video in fullscreen mode.


  • Live feedback from remote viewing audience to operating room
  • Engaged audience from being part of the operating process
  • Interactive engagement
  • Conduct live question and answer sessions.
  • Streamed event immediately available as a recording.
  • Online viewers can rewind, and replay a live event on their device anytime.
  • Hassle free arrangement. We will take care of all the infrastructure needs and internet arrangement.
  • Smooth streaming experience regardless of amount of views
  • Reach more viewers who might not be able to attend your event because of timing or geographic location.
  • Eliminate travelling costs incurred by attendees.
  • Track viewership and reach.

Medical Conference Video Services