Talk and show. Nothing connects with an audience more than a personality.
Let customers know what you are about.

Your customers are on the phone
Put yourself in it.

Talk and show. Nothing connects with an audience more than a personality.

​Why a talk show?

Talk shows are the most cost effective content to create based on cost per minute. It also allows customers to quickly understand what the brand is about. No cryptic messages to interpret or misinterpret. The quickest most direct way to talk with your customers is now available to you.


  • Take live questions, turn buying objections into buying opportunities.
  • Reach customers beyond your local geographic location.
  • Bring your customers on a tour of your organic farm, restaurant, manufacturing facility.
  • Call to action button for easy customer response.
  • Go social.
  • Trackable results.
  • Share your coupon code online and watch customers react in realtime.


  • Take customer inquiries via skype or twitter hash tag
  • Play back video clips showing where your products originate from.
  • Unlimited concurrent viewers
  • Archived and available to viewers who might not tune in to live event.
  • DVR replay for viewer scroll back
  • Viewable on any Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Pricing $2,500

We will work together to put up an engaging and entertaining show that will keep audience viewing and minimize “click aways”.

Bring photos and videos. It will be prepped for insertion at the predetermined appropriate points of the show.

Includes pre show discussion

Includes tracking

Other advice and things to take note

Physical items that can be handled. Audiences love seeing props and items of interest.