Tricaster rental Singapore
Save on freight cost and minimize risk

Arrive with your working Tricaster waiting for you.
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Tricaster rental Singapore

Singapore is one of the top choices for holding events and conferences. Why?

1. Travel Connectivity.

Being an airline hub with one of the best airport also means that conference attendees can easily schedule flights in and out of the country. Not to mention that it is surrounded by amazing island paradise to unwind or celebrate after a high strung event.

Take that opportunity to travel around and explore exotic Asia but you might not want to lug along your tricaster and live production gear from home risking risk damage and theft.

2.Fast internet connectivity for events live streaming.

Live video webcasting of events and conferences is a big thing now for organizers looking to build the hype and get more roi for conference expenditure. Engage viewers, bring you event global and reach millions who might not be able to make it to your conference. Even turn it into a money making venture by charging for views and remote participation.

Singapore has excellent broadband internet connectivity although we lack the laid back island life vibe.

3. City infrastructure suited for conferences.

Last minute requirement from marketing requires a specific piece of equipment? Not a problem it can all be rented from the latest live video, audio production gear to the latest in live webcast streaming or 360 live streaming.

4. Experienced English speaking crew

Feel like you brought your usual production posse along. We have crew that have live broadcast experience with CNN or production support for international tv commercial production.

Get all you Audio video production gear rented for the event and take advantage of the chance to explore Asia unencumbered.

Tricaster Rental Rates per day

Tricaster 460 with Control panel USD 675

Tricaster Mini SDI USD 360

Newtek Spark HDMI USD 125

Newtek Spark SDI USD 140

VMIX Rental Rates per day

Ruby - 8 Cameras with 4 Camera Instant Replay USD 400

Live Production Rental Rates per day

Talkshow (Skype Live Broadcast) USD350

Dac70 USD40

Blackmagic Mini converter Optical fibre USD35

Blackmagic ATEM 2 4K video mixer USD130

50m SDI Cable Drum USD30

250m Fiber optic drum USD80

Timelapse Slider Rental Rates per day

Kessler Oracle USD60

Kessler CineSlider USD60

Camera Rental Rates per day

Canon EOS C100 Mk2 USD120

Red Epic Dragon USD856

Canon EOS 5D Mk III USD110