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Live Stream Video Production!

The applications are endless – educational, corporate, entertainment and more. The audience is global, engaged and connected. The potential is huge – and we've just begun to scratch the surface of this exciting & immediate medium.

Global Live Streaming

Got a great idea for a live, streaming event, show or concert? We'd love to hear your creative ideas about how to harness the power of this exciting media. Imagine YOUR website with a weekly live, streamed talk show or “skype-in” social video event – and just because it's live doesn't mean we can't archive it for convenient viewing at a later date. Call us TODAY at +65 6392-3696 to discuss your innovative concepts for global Livestreaming!


Our place or yours? We've got stages and lighting in our studio – but what if the action is taking place in your conference room, at your convention or almost any “wired” or "outdoor remote" location? We've got the gear to give you the professional audio and video you need to look good.

Use slider to see before after example of virtual set with greenscreen.

Superimpose titles? Picture in picture? Not a problem. Run your virtual event from anywhere.

Why Run a Virtual Live Stream event?

Reduce travel costs while maximizing contact time with customers. Running it as a virtual event means you can broadcast from anywhere. Your office, our studio or any outdoor location with or without internet connectivity.

Our productions have been distributed nationally and internationally. We are particularly proud of our tradition creating compelling documentary work that enlightens and educates. Specializing in UltraHD productions and video for the web, we strive to help other businesses.

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Live Stream to Any Smart Device!

Watch a sample of past live stream broadcasts that we have produced.

Viewable on any smart mobile device, laptop, desktop or current web browser. Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

Tested to 1 million concurrent viewers. Watch from anywhere in the world even in China.

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Test your device here.

How we work

Our customized mobile live streaming studio can handle up to 8 HD cameras and has multiple audio options for a single presenter or an entire panel of speakers. And just because we're on location doesn't mean we're “stripped down” - full graphics, overlays and video insertion capabilities are all part of our mobile system. Plus, you have the option of an encoded MP4 video file for posting to social media channels or your company website.

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Live stream video production

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