Professional Event Live Streaming Service Singapore

Professional Event Live Streaming Service

Live Stream Platform

Reach viewers globally with the Motion Media Works live stream platform and start saving on travelling costs. Conduct live webinars from the office, collect more hot leads, address customer concerns immediately. Turn your one way live stream into an interactive customer driven interaction.

Do it yourself or opt for end to end livestreaming service.

Live Production Services

Tap on professional live production expertise of Motion Media Works for your live events for product launches, press conferences, townhalls or other events that require a professional crew broadcast equipment.

Live streaming support and event audio visual services are available through Motion Media Works.

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  • Corporate Townhall
  • Video Conferencing
  • Remote Presenter Connectivity
  • Low latency Broadcast
  • Event Live Broadcast
  • Medical and Telemedicine
  • 360 VR Live Streaming

Use slider to see before after example of virtual set with greenscreen.

Superimpose titles? Picture in picture? Not a problem. Run your virtual event from anywhere.

Livestream Like a TV Station

We've got equipment and experience to make your live event look great! With our “Green Room” which can be used to create spectacular effects and full sets even in a live environment and professional teleprompter equipment – you can concentrate on your content and we'll handle the rest. I've you've seen a video background or “style” - chances are that we can reproduce it in a live setting. Plus – this is much more than just staring into a single camera, most of our livestreams utilize 3 or 4 HD cameras for professional and polished results.

Our productions have been distributed nationally and globally. Specializing in UltraHD productions and video for the web, we strive to help other businesses.

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Livestream to Any Smart Device!

Watch past livestream broadcasts that we have produced.

Viewable on any smart mobile device, laptop, desktop or current web browser. Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

Tested to 1 million concurrent viewers. Watch from anywhere in the world even in China.

What your live productions can look like

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Webcast FAQ

Unsure if your viewers can access your hosted livestream? Get them to test their device here. Video is embedded from the Motion Media Works webcast platform(functions as a video CMS). Alternatively, view it on the platform by clicking the following link.

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Livestreaming Production Service

Our customized mobile livestreaming studio can handle up to 32 HD cameras and has multiple audio options for a single presenter or an entire panel of speakers. And just because we're on location doesn't mean we're “stripped down” - full graphics, overlays and video insertion capabilities are all part of our mobile system. Plus, you have the option of an encoded MP4 video file for posting to social media channels or your company website.

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