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Sex sells and Durex is banging on a leaked viral video to set people clicking.


Nothing sets tongues wagging like a bit of sex. The idea behind the campaign is to stage an unintentional release of a private video.


Shown here is the “reveal” of the campaign after keeping the social sphere speculating for 2 weeks. The initial release video stopped at 1 min 20 seconds with no branding or indication that it might be a marketing stunt.

We have always been teased as being porn mongers and when it came time to step up to the plate, we realized that all that taunting by our friends the last 2 decades were not far off. This video was shot at the Motion Media Works studio, executed in 4 hours. Made possible by careful planning and coordination with all parties involved.


Client: Durex Singapore
Advertising Agency: Vibes Communications
Talent: Holly Jean Aroozoo-Clarke
Video production and post: Motion Media Works
Usage: Social Media, http://facebook.com/durexsingapore
Video Duration: 1 minute 20 seconds
Delivery resolution: HD Video
YouTube Views: 240,955


Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Pictures from the social media video production

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