Another successful project

We see our neighbors every day. But how many of them do we know?
Share a Coke and open connections today! #ShareaCokeSG

Music Composition

Funny how the most important thing is the most unseen and when it’s most successful, it’s seamless and unobtrusive.
When working on this coke campaign, music was composed and it went on to inspire viewers to create videos. Their own stories and yet inviting your brand into their stories and their lives.


Client: Coca-Cola Singapore
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Geometry
video production & 3D animation: Motion Media Works
Usage: Social Media, digital signage, #shareacoke
Duration: 45 Seconds
Delivery resolution: 4k UHD
YouTube Views: 1,020,579 (Within 3 months of posting on YouTube)


Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Pictures from the social media video production

Explore still images from the video

Behind the scenes photos

Have a peek as we peel back the curtains to reveal some of the work put in to make it happen

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