Fibre Network 3D Animation

3d/Motion Graphics Production

Another successful project

M1 launches its business fibre network services with a 3D animation video clip showcasing possibilities of cloud computing and its suite of data services with 3D models.

The main challenge of this project, was delivering the completed 3D animation in 7 days. Made even more challenging by the fact that the approvals on the storyboard took 2 days, leaving 5 days for production, rendering, sound and final output.

What made it possible was an existing working relationship with clients who are already comfortable with animations that Motion Media Works have already been producing on a regular basis. This heightened level of trust gave the production team free rein to speed up production without waiting for client approvals.

Upon completion of the animated scenes, the power of cloud computing was also employed to distribute the network rendering to parallel processors for number crunching.


Client: M1 Singapore
3D Modeling, Animation & Post: Motion Media Works
Language: English
Video Duration: 30s


3d/2d Animation, Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Screen grabs from the animation

Explore still images from the animation

3D and motion graphics takes more resources but when properly executed engage.