Video Production for CLEO Magazine TV Commercial

TV Commercial Production

Video Production Details

Discover what’s cool on the streets, how to rev up your self-confidence, get reviews of the latest films, books and chill-out spots as the pages flip and pop-up key features from the magazine!

The Creative Brief
With a short but open brief of wanting to have a TV Commercial done, we explored the possibility of executing this television commercial as a single scene 3D animation.

Scripting and Storyboarding
A script was written to convey what CLEO was about and showcases different segments within the magazine. As this was to be executed in 3D, a very tight storyboard was created which also served as a style board and constantly checked against by all involved.

3D Animation and Scene Setup
As a publisher, CLEO has a vast collection of media assets that are already being used within the magazine. Wonderfully shot photos and illustrations that show what the magazine is about was used as textures in a 3D environment, modeled and animated within Autodesk Maya.

Iteration is the only way to fine tune the animation. To quickly turn around the renders, was used to do the number crunching.

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