What can I do to prep for playback?

​Plenty of webcasts are watched in a central location such as a conference room or leatherette. To ensure that your are tested and ready to screen the webcast on the big day, here is a checklist of items to test.

  1. Distribute the exact URL so that everyone is familiar with the interface and how to play the video
  2. Connect the same laptop to the projector and sound system that will be used for receiving the webcast on the actual day.
  3. Test with the same web browser that you will be using. Chrome is a good choice, Firefox and Microsoft edge works too as long as the browser is HTML 5 compatible like most modern browsers.
  4. Turn off auto update on your laptop, if you have slow internet connection, you wouldn’t want the bandwidth to be used for other things during the event. Also turn off all unnecessary programs and energy saving features.
  5. Turn off WiFi on your laptop and connect to the network with an Ethernet cable. This protect your playback from WiFi signal loss.
  6. Play the sample video on the link provided for an hour in the highest resolution possible. If your network bandwidth is not fast enough, select a lower resolution that plays well or try to upgrade your internet connection if possible.
  7. All that playback and testing ensure that there are no surprises during the actual day of the event.

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