M1 “Live Unlimited” Youth Campaign – Cinema Spot TV Commercial Video Production

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Video Production Details

Cinema advertising created for Singapore telecommunications provider, M1. This film production was shot on high resolution 4k and delivered at 2k for cinema print. Animated characters and motion graphics were added in post-production and motion-tracked to life action shots of talents dressed in t-shirts.

Production Process

With a tight production schedule, everything was shot in studio over 8 hours.

The unique workflow of editing on location during the film production process allowed agency and clients to check for continuity and also gave everyone a preview of how the shots lined up for effects work. A pre-visualised rendering of the animated graphics had to be composited and overlaid on the footage for timing purposes. And a rough pre-visualised shoot was also done in advance and edited to the 30-second requirement.

Although a storyboard was used and constantly referred to, it would have been impossible to complete the project within the tight schedule without the ability to instantly review the editorial while the performances were being captured.

Screen grabs from M1 “Live Unlimited” Youth Campaign – Cinema Spot TV commercial production

Images from the TV commercial production

Behind the scenes photos TV commercial production

Have a peek as we peel back the curtains to reveal some of the work put in to creating M1 “Live Unlimited” Youth Campaign – Cinema Spot

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