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Moderated Q&A Platform

Easy to use Q&A platform included. Take in questions from remote viewers in real time. Polling included. Speak to us for a demo. No physical voting pads needed.

Live Streaming webcast webinar platform

Simple Video Player

No complicated clicking around. If your colleagues have ever watched a Youtube video, they are able to setup the playback of the webcast Webinar in your conference room. Plays back on smart phones so webcast viewers can watch from anywhere.

Explore Webcast Platform
Interactive live streaming platform

Global Streaming

Never having to worry that your stream is being blocked in any country. Tested to work in all countries. Functions the same no matter which country your are broadcasting, moderating or viewing from. Even China.

Live streaming to China

Restreaming Feature

Restream to multiple Facebook timelines or social platforms concurrently.

Unlimited Simultaneous Viewers

Never having to worry about how many viewers are able to view your live webcast or webinar.

Password Protected

Password protected video player ensures that the right audiance gets access.

Live Graphics Overlay

Superimpose live titles and graphics in your live video webcast or webinar that update with viewer's reactions.

Free Voting Pads

Turn attendees phone into a virtual voting pad. Minimize logistics management.

Track viewership and source

Track viewership and reach with realtime analytics. Traffic sources, ip address, country and devices are all logged.

webcast webinar polling screen projector display

Share comments on projector

Let viewers see what questions are currently answered by flashing your selected question on projector. Built in function of the moderator control panel.

  • Unlimited poll users
  • Animated results graph
  • Realtime
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited polling options
  • Fully responsive

Experienced Production Crew

Work with the same people who can scale to meet your complex production needs. With experience in the following areas.

  • Marketing
  • eTraining Development
  • Content Distribution
  • Live Broadcast
  • App Development
  • Clustering and infrastructure
polling platform user interface