Live Broadcast Transmission Service
Supporting Mediacorp Singapore for outdoor broadcast transmission connection
Bringing remote guests to Mediacorp's live talkshow 'OKChope', with lagfree broadcast transmission for an entire season.

Connecting Remote Guests to Broadcast Studio

Bring remote presenters into your livestream or into your live studio show with live broadcast transmission service.

Imagine the excitement of bringing 8 remote presenters into your event for a forum discussion wherever they are located.

Outdoor Reporting Transmission

Live video transmission to show realtime financial transaction with BNI atm card – sending from Robinson Road to the Embassy of Indonesia.

Live broadcast transmission service fro remote presentation and interviews
Live transmission from BNI Bank Robinson Road Singapore.
Outside live broadcast transmission service
Meanwhile, at the receiving location at the Embassy of Indonesia, 7 Chatsworth Road Singapore, 9km away.

Transmission Receiving AV Support

Integrated live video transmission, receiving service with event audio visual production support. Send and receive a live video feed from anywhere to the opposite side of the world.

Live Video Feed Across The City

Pictured on the right shows the transmission distance from Robinson Road to the Indonesian Embassy in Chatsworth Road 3.5km away. The map also shows the buildings that were between the broadcast and the receiving locations of the live video feed.

Map of transmission from Bank Negara Indonesia, Robinson Road to Embassy of Indonesia 3.5km away.

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