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Another successful project

This is an instructional video to educate teenagers about the difference between facial foam and bar soaps. The video explains how having a fresh face is a great starting point to look and feel confident. POND’S recommends a simple daily cleansing routine in the video, to help keep your pores clear and your skin free of blackheads and pimples!

Agency Brief
To create an instructional video on skincare for teenagers in Asia.

Video Production Process
For this video, POND’S skincare expert Esperanza flew in from Spain for 2 days of production. A 45-minute duration video had to be shot within one location and be made to look like it was set at the Ponds Institute. Resources for set building allowed for only a two-by-two metre area which Esperanza delivered all 45 minutes of video based training.

To speed things up, editing was done on location so that everyone who was involved could see if it would edit well together and if there were missing angles that needed to be shot for cutaways. What was a time saver, was also being able to acquire the video in 4k resolution which allowed re-framing and cropping in post to create new angles if the video needed to be cut.


Duration: 12 min
Language: English, Thai,Indonesian, Vietnamese
Distribution/Usage: Schools
Audio: English, Thai (dubbed), Indonesian (dubbed), Vietnamese (dubbed)
Format: Marketing Video


3d/2d Animation, Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Behind the scenes photos

Have a peek as we peel back the curtains to reveal some of the work put in to make it happen

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