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PAPERSTORY is an industrial corporate video production for advertising agency, Publicis Singapore.

The logotype uses different types of printed paper because every piece of printed paper tells its own story through its unique texture. The simplicity of the logotype lies in the uncontrived method of folding the 10 alphabets of PAPERSTORY. Each alphabet is formed by the contrasting play on positive and negative space. By using different types of printed paper, there are permutations of the logotype.

Namecard/letterhead: Each logotype permutation comes with a matching type of paper. This becomes a marketing device for PAPERSTORY to showcase the types of paper it has and allows recipients to feel the paper.


Agency: Publicis Singapore
Cateogory: Stationary
Art Director: Tattoo Yar
Copywriter: Kee Wei Shern
Video footage(interview): Tattoo Yar
Stopmotion photography: Motion Media Works
Post Production editing: Motion Media Works
Duration: 3min
Language: English
Format: Video


3d/2d Animation, Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Screen grabs from PAPERSTORY

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