Bangkok Live Stream Production Services
Live Streaming production services Bangkok Thailand

Live Streaming Production Services in Bangkok

Hire experienced live streaming crew and equipment for your Bangkok event live streams. English, Thai and Mandarin speaking producers available.

Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore Video Conferencing

Hold multi country conferencing events with with full integration acorss different counties. Work with a single point of contact that can ensure every site connects seamlessly without risks of outage on the event day.

Bangkok location for IKEA business meeting video conferencing event.

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Live Streaming production services Bangkok Thailand
IKEA's multi country sales kickoff meeting produced as a broadcast show format. This is the Bangkok location. Click on picture to read about the case study and the different countries connected.
Live Streaming production services Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Event Live Streamed to Global Offsite Locations

Boehringer Ingelheim holds offsite corporate townhall, webcasting from Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, Thailand. While 8 different regional locations across Asia are seamlessly connected as one large interconnected event. Speak to our producers who will setup a test account for your IT department to test and ensure that everyone has tested for compatibility with no last minute surprises.

Why are international organizations choosing Motion Media Works as a live streaming events vendor?

Multi Lingual Project Managers

English, Chinese or Thai, our producers are familar with managing international events that need to be consistant globally. Prompt and timely support across time zones. With local on ground knowledge.

End to end solution

Full suite of services from audio visual equipment rental to backdrop fabrication. Speak to only one point of contact, streamlining your process.

Global Consistancy

With a consistant live streaming webcast platform, viewers will only need to test compatibility once. Every other global event will stream to the same user friendly platform your viewers are familar with.

VIP Customs Clearance

Step off your plane and into your waiting vehicle. Our project managers are able to arrange vip access through Bankok customs so you can get to where you need to be with minimal hassle.

Live Graphics Overlay

Superimpose live titles and graphics in your live video webcast or webinar that update with viewer's reactions.

Free Voting Pads

Turn attendees phone into a virtual voting pad. Minimize logistics management.

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Motion Media Works is an intergerated events and broadcast production service that is able to scale with your business needs so that you can work with the same consistency for various types of projects across your organization.

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