Remote Outdoor Events

Live Production

Live Production Details

Video Support for live outdoor events.

Fast Video Production

Struggling to get the event highlights while its still fresh on people’s lips? It doesn’t get fresher than ‘live’ realtime streaming video. Stream ‘live’ so participants can share, comment and have it ready to view as an on-demand video, ready for playback immediately after or during the event if they couldn’t get close enough.

Edited in Realtime

Muiti-cameras can be switched in realtime, allowing for a polished and edited feel. Just because we are ‘live’ doesn’t mean it has to look unpolished. Audience expectations are constantly evolving, you can be assured that we are at the forefront of technology, constantly pushing the envelope to help your events shine.

Off-Grid Broadcasting

Go ‘live’ from any remote location without electricity or internet connectivity. Broadcast from anywhere and take your events to an online audience wherever you hold your events. Our experienced crew are here to help.

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