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The client said, “We need a launch video.” That was it.

2D Animation Pre Production Process

What resulted from an initial meeting and an interpretation of the brief, was distilled to the following key points:
- We need money (funds)
- We don’t want to be preachy
- If you (the viewer) can’t help us, please get the word out
- Have fun doing it

As there wasn’t a budget for media buy, the success of the campaign depended on social media channels such as YouTube and web sharing. And to achieve some level of sharing, the video also needed to be somewhat lighthearted and fun.

Armed with a handful of key messages, we went about writing the script and creating the visuals to reinforce the messages.


Conceptualisation & Scripting: Motion Media Works
Production & Animation: Motion Media Works
Usage: Web, social media, YouTube


Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Pictures from the social media video production

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