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Another successful project

This video was purposed to showcase an amazing technology; something you would have seen from a movie. It is actually available now and already implemented in various locations that you would have come into contact with.

We are glad to have supportive clients in the course of conceptualizing and producing this corporate video. From the boardroom (where we all brainstormed and decided on the next course of actions), right back to our work stations (where we furiously churned out the work). There were constant conversations along the way to ensure all requirements & expectations were met.

The results? Concept to completion and delivery – in three short weeks.


Duration: 3min 30sec
Language: English
Modeling,  3D animation: Motion Media Works
Format: Corporate Video
Content: 3D Animation


3d/2d Animation, Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Screen grabs from Artivision 3D Animation

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