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We were tasked to capture an element of surprise and family togetherness in a 3-minute video as Coca-Cola wants to encourage and inspire everyone to make a positive change, with family and friends, so they can start the New Year afresh, filled with positivity, optimism and happiness. 


To engage the cab drivers in a conversation about what they have to go through, e.g. having to drive 12hrs on the roads, in rain or shine and most times with very little rest. To top the challenge, our undercover passengers also had to film the whole journey and conversation, without the knowledge of these unsuspecting drivers.


3 families were treated to an all-expense paid reunion dinner at the Singapore Flyer, courtesy of Coca-Cola, along with 57,545 views on YouTube to date.


Client: Coca-Cola Singapore
Agency: Momenntum
Production & Post Production: Motion Media Works
Duration: 3 minutes


3d/2d Animation, Video Production, Editing and Post Production

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