Contact Singapore Corporate Film – “Conversations” Video Production

Contact Singapore Corporate Film – “Conversations” Video Production

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The Contact Singapore corporate video follows the "conversations" of 4 people in very different industries – Banking & Finance, Biomedical Science, Interactive Digital Media and Engineering.

Audiences will discover how these individuals arrive at their decision to relocate to Singapore for work, as well as their thoughts about living in Singapore.

Not only can this corporate/marketing video be used to convey information; it can also be used to incite an emotional response, a reaction, a feeling. By letting viewers have a peek into the thoughts and decision making process involved in their move to Singapore, this video hopes to allow viewers to connect with and have a peek into the lives of our characters who have made the decision to work and live here.

Case Study

Creative Brief – First steps to making the video.

The question we got posed with, was how to create a video that audiences would watch without feeling like they are sitting through an official government video.

So we brainstormed and came up with the idea of allowing viewers to take a peek into the thoughts of expatriates who have uprooted themselves and made that move to Singapore. The video covers the push and pull factors of their decisions, while taking the opportunity to also feature the diversity of experiences and locations that Singapore has to offer.

The amount of interest in other people’s lives as seen in the success of personal blogs, sets the tone of the video. This approach was taken to appeal to the little voyeur in all of us and to create a ready-made lifestyle that viewers can step into for a brief moment, when the lights dimmed and experience life in somebody else’s shoes.


Filming Locations

Access to a bank for the purpose of a film production would have been impossible, and digital media production studios do not necessarily look sexy and sleek, as much as we are led to believe in films. So locations were scouted for and an event hall was propped up to look like a bank for that segment of the video.  And we made use of a computer lab and museum to help provide the backdrop of the digital media design segment of the video.

Screen grabs from Contact Singapore Corporate Film – “Conversations” video production

Images from the video production

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