DBS Treasures Exclusive Safekeeping Service Video Production

DBS Treasures Exclusive Safekeeping Service Video Production

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Introducing DBS Treasures Exclusive Safekeeping; an unprecedented exclusive service that marries luxury with security.


To produce a short video introducing DBS Treasures Exclusive Safekeeping Service, as well as to showcase its luxurious facilities:

- Spacious lounges where customers can unwind and enjoy personalised treatment from dedicated DBS staff
- Special rooms, each with its own full-length mirror and adjustable lighting, offer supreme privacy and ease of inspection of valuables
- State-of-the-art safe deposit boxes and mini-vaults complemented by secure biometric access ensure valued possessions receive pre-eminent care and protection


Screen grabs from DBS Treasures Exclusive Safekeeping Service video production

Images from the video production

Get a TV Commercial made.

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