NTUC First Campus – “It Began with You” Video Production

NTUC First Campus – “It Began with You” Video Production

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Are web films the new television commercials?

NTUC First Campus attempts recruitment drive with web videos, allowing tracking of views and monitoring ROI of campaign. This video was to inspire and show how teachers play an important part in guiding and inspiring the children in their growing up years.

As of December 2018, the video has been played 11,002 times on YouTube.

Having access to analytics allows one to easily determine costs of acquisition.


This micro-sized video production consists of a tiny crew, armed with minimal fill lights. It was certainly a very different production workflow. And working with children also restricted the amount of time that the video production could run for, as nap time had to be observed.

Screen grabs from NTUC First Campus – “It Began with You” video production

Images from the video production

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