The Jewel Box Video Production

The Jewel Box Video Production

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Creative Brief

We were engaged to take on the full production process, from pre-production, planning, storyboarding, talent casting/engagement, production, to post-production of a series of videos to be played inside each of the cable car cabins.


One of the more interesting “challenges” was having to film 2 talents and 3 crew members inside a cable car, and having a 5 min window of opportunity to catch the golden hour.


A series of videos that were played inside the cable car cabins:
- Introductory video (main)
- Restaurant videos
- Safety Information video
- Emergency video
- Event video

Screen grabs from The Jewel Box video production

Images from the video production

Behind the scenes photos Video Production

Have a peek as we peel back the curtains to reveal some of the work put in to creating The Jewel Box

Get a TV Commercial made.

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