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Video Production Details

This video production started off as photography shoot, with the intention of turning it into an animated flip book.

We decided early on during pre-production, that a simple and focused message was the way to go, given the short amount of time allocated for actual production.

The black and white high-contrast look was decided as this allowed us to hide distracting elements in the shadows and allowed us to lead the viewers’ eyes and attention to parts of the video. It also meant that we didn’t need to be as careful with the color palette of the wardrobe and props.

Shooting this video in very challenging mix lighting conditions would have added unnecessary delays to the production. To do away with having to balance different light temperatures, all colors were discarded in post-production and blacks are crushed for that high contrast look.

This video production was more of a stills photography shoot with 600w studio strobes than continuous video lights. The light weight lights allowed quick scene setups during the production process.


Screen grabs from Bright Future Workshop – Flip-book Style Video Production TV commercial production

Images from the TV commercial production

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