Options For Securing Your Webcasts

Privacy and security is our top concerns since most customers are using the platform for secured internal corporate communications. Event organizers are able to select 4 different ways to protect their webcasts from uninvited viewers.

Password Protected

(Everyone shares a single password)

Ensure private webcast stay private with a password protected player. Towhalls and corporate strategy firesides can safely be live streamed to organization members within or outside the corporate firewall while only being accessible with the correct password.

Go on give it a try. The password is "demo"

One Time Password Authentication

(Everyone gets a unique one time password)

Alternatively, you may provide a list of email address of attendees invited for the webcast. Attendees are verified by requesting a one time password be sent to their email before being allowed to proceed. This ensures that everyone has a unique and single use password that can't be shared. Just like internet banking.

Restrict by IP Addresses

(Attendees need to be within the corporate network)

To prevent access from outsite a corporate network, we are able to only allow attendees who are within the corporate network by IP address whitelisting. This method however might not be optimal if attendees are outside an office and don't get assigned a corporate dial in IP address.


(Unlisted. Used if you need to share )

Unlisted setting hides it from showing up anywhere. Do remind your viewers not to share to keep access hidden. Hidden allows you to still share it and is the most conveninent method of share the the video without having to worry about remembering passwords.