Smart Livestreaming Video Player

Viewers get the best experience with no effort. If you are watching this video, you are already testing out the live streaming HTML5 player. Select the resolution you want or let the video player select it for you. Maximize the live streaming playwer by clicking on the bottom right if you are setting it up for communal viewing in the conference room.

User Friendly Interface

Anyone can easily setup the conference room for collective viewing. Save time coordinating with the different corporate offices across time zones for rehersal.

Seamless Payback

Detects your network bandwidth and intelligently selects the best video stream for smooth playback with adaptive playback technology.

Mobile Responsive

Streams live on iOS, Android or any HTML5 supported web browser without having to install any additional software.


Automatically selects the best resolution for your screeen. Viewers never get a shock when they receive their phone bill because tiny screens only load the smallest version of the live streaming video.