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The Creative Brief
To introduce a new educational tool provided by Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel). This new service/tool aims to bolster learning through a series of high-quality educational videos and assessments based on Singapore’s Ministry of Education curriculum.

The service also encourages interaction between parent and child by enabling parents to send messages of encouragement and reminders to their child’s version of Genio, allowing parents to take an active approach to their child’s learning.

Starting with a mood board and visual references, we then narrowed down on the final look and style for the video. This allowed illustrators to develop the characters and style with a direction that’s in line with the client’s expectations. In the meantime, animators block in animations
with rough shapes. This formed the rough sequences where sound effects can be worked on. When illustrations were approved, animators rebuilt the icons and illustrations to include secondary animation

If you take a look at how the globe forms, or how there are bubbles fizzing in the beaker, they were all hand-animated in 2D with basic shapes. These are subtle motion that might not be immediately perceptible but adds richness to the animation

This project took 4 weeks to complete.


Client : SingTel
Media: Web, TV
Style:2d animation
Animation and post production
: Motion Media Works
Video Duration:30 Seconds


3d/2d Animation, Video Production, Editing and Post Production

Screen grabs from the animation

Explore still images from the animation

3D and motion graphics takes more resources but when properly executed engage.

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