M1 Enterprise Services Video Production

M1 Enterprise Services Video Production

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Video Production Details

M1 Enterprise Services launches cloud-based services with video showcasing different industries and countries. Drawing assets from the Motion Media Works library.

The Creative Brief
To create a video that represents the spirit of M1 Enterprise Services.

With a tight timeline, we retreated to the Motion Media Works archive and re-examined past footage that have been accumulating for just an event like this. Footage from different industries and countries that would have languished in the comfort of the vault were polished up and given another moment of glory in this launch video for the M1 Enterprise team.

Screen grabs from M1 Enterprise Services video production

Images from the video production

Behind the scenes photos Video Production

Have a peek as we peel back the curtains to reveal some of the work put in to creating M1 Enterprise Services

Get a TV Commercial made.

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