My Corolla Stories – Astronaut Video Production

My Corolla Stories – Astronaut Video Production

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Toyota wanted to create and produce a series of stories based on owner-experiences with their Toyota Corollas, and portray the Corolla as a “people’s car”; a partner that is a part of life and life’s unforgettable moments and experiences – a car that is full of stories.


Directing non-professional talents is both rewarding and challenging, and definitely takes a steady and patient hand. In this case, they were actual Corolla owners with their own adventures and stories to tell.  We had to explain to them the typical procedure prior to rolling, as well as the commands they will hear and the importance of each.

Video Production Process

10 Corolla owners were flown-in across Asia and interviews were conducted and filmed over 2 days, with an on-site editor to put together a preview of each interview segment for the client’s approval.

Motion graphics were then added during post-production to enhance and bring life to the stories.


A web series of 10 videos based on true stories from Corolla owners.

Screen grabs from My Corolla Stories – Astronaut video production

Images from the video production

Get a TV Commercial made.

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