Starbucks Training Video Video Production

Starbucks Training Video Video Production

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The objective of this video was to educate Starbucks’ Partners on their new Essentials Program. With this, customers can have the same quality coffee back At Home or On The Go.

Shot within a day and edited in a week, the brief was to ensure we captured the Starbucks experience within the video. We had so much fun producing this that we even threw in a bloopers reel for them!

The first video traveled all the way to Seattle and we had a call back to do a Part 2. This time, we were tasked to expand on some of the segments and to make it a little more informative without coming across as “dry”.

We worked with the Starbucks Hong Kong team on this and we hear this integrated video will be traveling around the region as well.

We are unable to show you the training video, but here are the bloopers that we have put together.

Get a TV Commercial made.

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