Polar Grass Jelly “My Drink is Better than Yours” TV Commercial Video Production

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Video Production Details

Polar Grass Jelly launches a light-hearted 15-sec TV commercial revolving around a Geek played by Gim Goh (who some of you might recognize from MediaCorp’s TV series “Payday”) and a Bully (portrayed by Wilson Ng, who has since been in numerous other TV Commercials) in some coffee shop rivalry.

Production and Pre-Production

The whole TV commercial production was shot in under 4 hours at a local canteen right next to the office. Access to the location was only available for a short amount of time, hence a detailed pre-production was required to prep for a very tight and efficient production process that minimizes disruption to the business of the hawkers in the background.

Audio Production

Shot without audio, ambient sounds were recorded the next day, along with other additional sound effects and foly completed in studio.

3D Animation and Rendering

3D-animated fluids and jelly were created by Patrick Woo and later composited in post.

Screen grabs from Polar Grass Jelly “My Drink is Better than Yours” TV commercial production

Images from the TV commercial production

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