Medical Conference Surgery Live Streaming Service
Medical conference livestreaming av production service no delay
Photo shows the SEUD Medical Congress being held in Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, while live surgery is being sent from the National University Hospital's operating theater.

Live Surgery Streaming Service

Livestream surgery demonstrations from a remote operating theater to medical conference locations with interactive Q&A capability. Live 2 way video feeds can be transmitted to anywhere in the world with no lag.

Realtime, No Delay

Send 16 simultaneous video streams to an event location and let your moderator pick which operation to focus on. Never have a dull moment. No delay realtime, 2-way video transmission measured in nanoseconds.

Medical conference livestreaming av production service no delay
Live Streaming video feed from Tan Tock Seng Hospital's operating room to a lecture theater, with picture-in-picture and endoscope view.
Medical conference livestreaming event av service and webcast receiving
Receiving location at the medical congress event location (Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre).

Transmission Receiving AV Support

Integrated live video transmission, receiving service with event audio visual production support.

Military Grade Encrypted Video Transmission

Our point to point conferencing connections are secured with 256-bit military grade encryption to ensure that your events are truely private. (What this means is if you could try a billion keys per second, the number of seconds you’d need still exceeds the age of the universe)

Medical conference livestreaming av production service no delay
Point to Point fully secured video feed with no delay to anywhere in the world. No need for satellite connectivity or weather interruptions.
davinci surgery transmission
Integration into any surgical procedure with native video transmission format(tested with Da Vinci surgical systems)

Native Video Format Transmission

Viewers get the same visual experience as the surgeon. Video is transmitted in the same format as medical devices.

Live Video Transmission From Operating Room to Medical Conference

Pictured on the right shows the transmission distance from National University Hospital to the Suntec City Convention Center 8 kilometers away. The map also shows the buildings that were between the broadcast and the receiving locations of the live video feed.

Map of transmission from National University Hospital(Operating Room) to Suntec City Convention Center(location of the medical conference) 8km away.

Benefits of Livestreaming with Motion Media Works

Immediately available

Deploy immediately. No need for transmission licening approval or satellite booking.

End to End

Fully managed point to point productions benefit from military encription and no latency


Full range of services, so you can enjoy the same great experience across various types of projects.

No Infrastructure Overheads

No ongoing maintenance cost, no equipment purchase. Pay as you go service, broadcast from anywhere.

Blazing Speed

Half a second between sending and receiving points. Say goodbye to awkward silences. Realtime 2 way conversations are now possible.

Amazing Support

We keep you updated on your projects, progress and milestones. Keep track with our online project management tool.

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