Toyota C-HR Product Launch Facebook Live Stream

At the launch event held at the picturesque FOC Sentosa, pyrotechnics announced the arrival of the C-HR, as Borneo Motors’ Managing Director, Jasmmine Wong, and Marketing Director, Samuel Yong, drove the C-HR across the beachfront. Guests also got a chance to explore the Toyota C-HR Experience room, where they got to understand the development and design philosophy of the C-HR.

Test drives were happening from the start to end of the event, all of which were being livestreamed to the main event ground and Facebook. Even television personality, Michelle Chong got into the action.

Test drives even extended to the virtual realm; the specially-produced C-HR Virtual Reality Test Drive that simulated a drive around Sentosa, was a big hit with the crowd.

Watch the Event hightlights here



Location: FOC Sentosa