Live Stream Production

Live Stream Production

Project Manager Included

Let our project managers take away the stresses of handling a live production. Involve us early enough to be able to identify problem areas before they become one.

Our project managers recognise that soft people skills are just as important as technical ones, in ensuring a successful event and can help you manage the risks of a live event with tact.

Stress-free Live Stream Production

No need to worry that things don't work well together when everything comes from a single vendor. Everything will be tested and certified compatble, before arriving at your event location. You'd never have to waste time trying to troubleshoot at a live event.


Our place or yours? We've got stages and lighting in our studio – but what if the action is taking place in your conference room, at your convention or almost any “wired” or "outdoor remote" location? We've got the gear to give you the professional audio and video you need to ensure your production looks good.

Live Polling Built-in

Let your audience help drive the live event with live polling and Q&A.

Virtual voting pads turn audiences' cell phones into voting pads. No software installation required.

Watch Polling Demo

Unsure if your viewers can access your webcast? Get them to test their devices here. Video is embedded from the Motion Media Works webcast platform (functions as a video CMS). Alternatively, view it on the platform by clicking the button below to see the question and answer integration.

View on Webcast Platform

Professional Broadcasting

Our customised mobile live studio can handle up to 24 HD cameras and has multiple audio options for a single presenter or an entire panel of speakers. And just because we're on location, doesn't mean we're “stripped down” — full graphics, overlays and video insertion capabilities are all part of our mobile system. Plus, you also have the option of an encoded MP4 video file for posting to social media channels or to your company website.

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Live Streaming Production Service

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